Face Who You Are and Become Your Expanded Version

Face Who You Are and Become Your Expanded Version

First of all, happy new year ya’ll, hope you’ve entered 2021 with lots of high vibes and wild energy!



If you are dissatisfied with where you are in life, there is a reason for it. In this article, I will let you in, on a very obvious “secret” that will explain to you, why you are stuck where you are, and why you aren’t moving forward, even though you want to, but you are afraid.

Childhood Trauma

The thing is, that all of us are born with the craving for love, affection, trust etc. Almost all of us, are traumatized in our childhoods, without even being aware of it today. Trauma in our childhoods are often very disguised, from our teen/adult perspective.  But a trauma can be as simple as being yelled at, or maybe you were told you were wrong, instead of the action you did that was wrong, so you might end up believing something is wrong with you, your entire life. As we are traumatized just once, in our childhoods, although most of us are traumatized many times, it stays as an open wound. This wound will keep getting triggered and hurt, as we live our lives, until we fix the wound. At some point in time, you most certainly will encounter some very unfortunate events, that will really, and I mean really flare up your childhood wounds. In essence, the wound will just hurt more and more, the less you look at it and try to fix it.


When you are in a shitty situation, and life just doesn’t work out at all, you gotta become aware of your current weaknesses as fast as possible. You don’t have time to trying to escape from your weaknesses, because you can’t! Face your weaknesses, face reality.


Emotional Indicators

What I want you to realize here is, that the person you are right now, that are insecure, unconfident, anxious, sad, suicidal etc. Do you really think that feeling bad, is the way that person, YOU are supposed to feel? It’s a clear indicator, that something is wrong. It’s not that you aren’t supposed to feel those emotions, you are supposed to feel them, but you should treat them as a signal, not as a default for your life. The only way you can deal with this, is to tap into the expanded version of yourself. By being unconfident, anxious etc. You are living from a mini-version of you, that is not the real you. You are being small, for a reason! You gain some sort of benefit by being in that state. It could be that, by being small, by making yourself insignificant, you are making yourself at other peoples mercy, and thus you are always secured some sort of attention or you are at least sure that people will need you, because you are their fucking slave.


This is what happened to me, I chose to become a freaking slave, in order for me to get my childhood needs met. But wow it is a shitty, shitty way to live. But we have to feel that pain, in order to be aware of our flaws. The secret is to tap into your expanded version, not your mini-version. You don’t feel good by being a mini-version, which is why it feels so uncomfortable to be in that position! You have to grab your balls, and become a little more hardcore with your identity. You have to become unapologetically you.


Tap Into Your Expanded Self

Stop wishing you were another person. Stop trying to crave for all the skills and confidence and peace you want to have. Fucking be it. Fucking change your identity, in the here and now. Know that life is literally having infinite amounts of parallel realities, ready for you. You just gotta tap into it. You gotta become that badass, not by wishing for it, not by meditating your way to it, but by becoming it right here, right now, not tomorrow. How would you change otherwise? Make a long-ass plan and attain it in a few months or years? No, make a decision, and get yourself out of that rut. It feels so uncomfortable to be that mini-version, it’s the worst, you are destined for so much more, enlarge yourself, tap into your expanded character, your expanded identity, where so many more things are possible. Keep taking these steps, towards a more expanded identity. CREATE IT. You are the creator of your life.


The next YouTube video is not going to give you the answer, the next article is not either. Tap into your own intelligence, you are literally god.