How To Get Out of Fight, Flight or Freeze Mode

Do you constantly feel stressed, anxious, no energy, depressed, caught in your mind, not going anywhere in life. You feel stuck, your emotions are up and down all day, extremely sensitive and like you just don’t recognize yourself anymore?


Chances are that you’re living in fight, flight and freeze mode, which means that your entire body and mind is under stress. From now on in this article, I will just use the word “Fight or Flight”, but it also includes the freeze response.


I’ve come to realize, how we can break the pattern of fight or flight, by simply tuning into our breath. Remember, it all starts with you, right here, right now, if you want to break the pattern. I realized for myself, that everyday I just kinda hoped that tomorrow would be better, until I realized, that it never really did, until I started to take conscious control of myself. 


It’s all about our breath and thoughts. 


If we are constantly on edge in our mind, expecting the worst, being paranoid etc. Our breathing becomes shallow, and we over time start to develop anxiety, stress and depression. 


The way to reverse our catastrophizing mind, is to start with our breathing, to everyday, every hour, every minute and every second, as much as you can throughout your day, breathe with your nose, in and out, and try to breathe fully in and out. Don’t make it too complicated to begin with, to start thinking about where you are breathing into, whether it’s your chest or lower abdomen, just start to count your inhales and exhales. 


A good timer for dropping your heart rate, is 4 sec in, 4 sec hold, 12 sec exhale. 


A good timer for getting back to your default breath, is 5.5 sec in, 5.5 sec out. 


By beginning to observe your breath and breathe consciously throughout your day, in every moment, you start to reverse your fight or flight symptoms in your body, which in turn starts to affect the way you perceive your life and reality and all the dangers you’ve imagined. 


At the same time, if you can begin to take your self-talk to another level, by talking to yourself with compassion, love and kindness, and saying a lot of relaxing affirmations to yourself, while breathing deeply, you are on your way to knock Fight or Flight mode out of the park.


I suggest you to go deeper into breathwork, the following YouTube channel, has some amazing guided breathwork sessions:


Try to go for the slow ones, if you want to beat your Fight or Flight mode.


Also, it’s important to mention that if your fight or flight mode is very active, it means that your root chakra is having a hard time, so your entire fundament is really shaky! Just in case you were wondering.


Another thing, eat a lot of green veggies with magnesium.


Listen to relaxing music, 432 hz, 528 hz, nature sounds.


Walk barefoot as much as you can, especially in nature, surround yourself in nature as much as possible.


Do Qi Gong as often as you feel like it, check this YouTube channel for amazing Qi Gong instructions 


Qi Gong has amazing benefits such as

  • Calming the mind
  • Better balance
  • Lowers heart rate
  • Cultivating your sexual energy (Moving your energy around)
  • Balances emotions


And SO much more!


Do ashtanga yoga or yin yoga, to really slow yourself down.


Get your sleep right.


This was just a little quick overview, simplified, on what to do if caught in fight, flight or freeze mode!


Good luck, it’s all gonna be okay!


Stay well


  • Anders