How To Raise Body Awareness and Cure Yourself of Negative Emotions

What is up guys, this is Anders here from, I hope you guys are enjoying the summer! In the last couple of weeks, I have been really stressed out helping other people out with their problems and it’s been hard for my psyche, maybe a bit too hard, I am too good at absorbing other peoples energies.

So I started to think back on the times when I was in a Vipassana retreat in India for 10 days, in complete silence, where this awesome guy SN Goenka, was teaching us. I just felt like sharing his message about how to deal with negative emotions, it’s very simple!

As humans in the western society especially, we’ve always been taught how to react to circumstances, and how to think externally, we’ve never been taught how to look into ourselves. But inside yourself is where the key to all answers are.

When a negative emotion arises, your respiration will change and a biochemical reaction will occur, which most likely feels unpleasant, if it’s a negative emotion. Now when this occurs, just watch how the emotion behaves, just look at it, don’t put a label on it, just see it for what it is, observe it, observe it, and watch it disappear.

Every single time you get a negative emotion, do this, and you are well on your way to master your own body, mind and spirit!

Good luck!

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