Realize This When You Feel Lost In Life

Do you feel lost in life at the moment?

Oh god, I’ve been feeling lost for almost, 1,5 – 2 years now.
Constantly trying to figure out my purpose, why I was feeling what I was feeling.
Just as I wrote about in the last post.

But this constant search, is why I am drained.
This constant search, is why I am not uploading blog posts anymore.
It’s like my life is just this search, for what I am supposed to do with my life.
And it only gets more and more frustrating, the more I search.
It seems to me, like my answers are running further away from me, the more I try search for them, outside of myself.
The universe, really works inside yourself, you are life, you are an extension of life and the universe itself.

Of course!

The more you seek for the answers outside of you.
The more you think of what will fit in, within society, in other peoples worldview etc.
The further away you get from yourself. It’s crazy how this works, and how we are all so addicted to look for the answers outside of ourselves.

I just meditated for a good 1 hour, approximately, and damn, I was just trying to surrender myself. Without really trying, but just letting go of all ideas I had. The ideas of finding answers within and outside of me.
It felt like I reconnected with my soul, for a moment.
I felt this universal energy again, which has been gone for so long!

I haven’t figured out much, but I know, that no matter what, your life has a unique meaning, and only you can find it. A 1000 voices, but where’s your own?

I understand life, as being meaningless.
We are so lucky, that we can form life as we want it!
Which can be scary, if we feel negative and lacking energy.

But, you can reach the other side, where life will feel like an adventure, and you want to shape it, your way.
You just have to get in contact with yourself. You must push through the barriers within you, in meditation, push through the layers, with love. Go deeper.

Life unfolds, when you realize, that all is within you.
So cliché, but really, all you need is within you.