What I realized on NoFap Day 14

I believe, that most of us, we find NoFap on these alternative YouTube Channels, Subreddits etc.
In these places, a lot of important questions are being questioned, because, I believe that our generation, is about to go even deeper than our parents generation, in terms of what life really is, and how we live life to the max, with max happiness, joy and confidence etc.! We are discovering ourselves in a new way!

I think these sites, forums, channels etc., are super important, as they help us understand ourselves even better.
But! I think that too many of these sites, are promoting negativity and fear too much, even though that is what they want to avoid/and get past.
Many of these sites post a lot about how much we should fear the world, fear technology, fear the government, fear other people! And just do our own stuff, in isolation, and in suffering, to become the best that we are.

What I want to say with this, is that we should beware of what we are allowing into our minds.
Do we really become the best version of ourselves, if we focus on how shitty the world is on a big scale?

What if we just focused on ourselves, and our nearest family and friends, and tried to make ourselves as good as possible in these surroundings, instead of comparing ourselves to the entire world, all the time. What if we tuned out of all this conspiracy stuff and general bad news stuff, that these so called personal development channels are delivering to us? I think, if you want to be happy, do you! Fuck it, don’t think about the world, at least not right now, you can’t save the entire world today, do you and express the best inside of you, and you will shine through automatically and inspire the world and make the world better like that.

Just be grateful for how the world is serving you right now!
I just realized this in the shower. I looked at my soap from the brand “Palmolive”, I am sure so many people hate Palmolive, just because they have a lot of money and power, but really, imagine if there was no companies out there that could serve you with good soap, that smells good also :)! (you have to try their milk and honey).

Imagine this:
Your friend has been out walking his dog, and he had to pick up a poo, and some of it hit his finger, which he didn’t notice. You meet him 20 minutes later, and you shake his hand, and 30 secs later you bite your nail, this could potentially be giving you the worst e-coli infection ever, which can be lethal.
So why not be grateful for the massive brands we have today? Yes, they have a lot of power and money, but they are also making your life so much easier. I am not saying that all these big corporations are just honey and butterflies, but it’s important to realize their importance in the world as well.

Have gratitude for what is!

Think independently, and be skeptical about what you read online! Even if it is a self-help undertaking.

Talk to ya soon!